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Vegan Leather


All of our leather products are made from vegan leather. Always dry clean, gentle machine wash or hand wash in cold to warm water with gentle detergent and non-abresive cloth. Following up with by drying off with soft-cloth or microfiber from excess water.
Do not machine wash, bleach and iron.



Textured or colored linen, use gentle machine wash with warm water. Cold water will do if you're concerned about shrinking. Do not wash with hot water and always choose a gentle and mild formulated detergent for delicate fabrics.



Gentle machine wash with turning the clothes inside out. Wash with cool water and gentle formulated detergent. Do not use  and avoid fabric softener.



Wash in a laundry bag to protect fabric, pretreat stains before washing. Wash with cold water to avoid color fades and shrinking. Use a color preserving detergent and do not use fabric softener.​



Our jewelries are made from stainless steel and plated with 18k Gold. It's PVD Vacuum plating, water-proof and seawater proof.

Under normal wearing conditions, the color shall be kept for 1-2 years. When the daily maintanance is relatively good, colors can maintain up to 3-4 years.
Clean with a bit of mild liquid soap and warm water when it's dull and dirty.

The jewelry, with or without set stones, avoid perfume or any strong chemical exposure. Natural acidity can cause alter to the plating and it may have occured. Stainless steel natural color is silver, it may turn to its original color in few years. 

We are not responsible for any scratches, chemical exposure and natural acidity.

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